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Offset printing blanket manufacturing, converting, barring, punching and stripping specialists.

If you use printing blankets we can supply you with what you require. Our dedicated factory can manufacture, produce and modify what you need- when you need it.

24 hour turnaround on short orders to mainland UK.

We do our utmost to assist with urgent issues with priority of course to existing clients. Situated conveniently in the Midlands there is easy access to all major routes.

Converters of specialist Offset Blanket types.

Dies for punched printing blankets are available from our extensive collection. In the unlikely event that we don't have your specific die in stock we will either manufacture manually or make a die for ongoing orders.

Specifications for all printing blanket types and formats are available and a wide range of blanket materials and barring stock are catered for.

Barring stock ( extruded aluminium or steel ) are held in our store at all times. We manufacture stripped blankets to the highest specification and are always prepared to assist with unusual requests.

Printing Accessories

As well as being suppliers of printing blankets we also offer other offset printing requirements such as anti set off spray powder, perfs, filters, blanket wash, cleaners and packing